Toro Valley Trek
StartAmy Falkenberg
EndThelma Jo Wheeler
Rewards250 Experience
70 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaMurphy Refugee Camp


Talk to Thelma Jo Wheeler


Amy Falkenberg in the refugee camp outside Murphy wants you to take word to Thelma Jo Wheeler in Trailer Park that some citizens of the town survived the bandit overrun.


Amy Falkenberg: the Ngiht Wolves overran Murphy in broad daylight. They swept in, whooping and hollering. They killed anybody who fought back. Only a few of us got away.

Player: That's a pretty grim story. Of course, you're not the only people getting run out of your settlement around this Province. The Night Wolves aren't the only ones doing the damage, either.

Amy Falkenberg: Agreed. Still, it's inconvenient to people who have done business with Murphy in the past. If possible, I'd like to get word to Themlma Jo Wheeler in Trailer Park that we'll resume trade just as soon as we're back on our feet.


I'll get the message to Trailer Park, sure.


Amy Falkenberg: Amy's alive? Well, bless her heart?

Thelma Jo Wheeler:

Yep. She's one of the few who survived the bandit takeover in Murphy.


It's a struggle to keep your head above water in this day and age without having to worry about bandits too.

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