Tracking Outside
StartLilly Crans
EndUpon killing the Outsider Operative
Rewards600 Experience
1x Lilly's LifeNet Research
ChainWhat Could It Hurt
Double's Trouble
Barring Any Trouble
Taking Care of Business
Playing Detective
Questionable Experimentation
Outside the Norm
Rest in Pieces
One Then the Same
Origin of the Problem
Outside Watching In
Outside Watching In (2)
Translation Lost
Breaking Brekshire
Who's Lilly?
Researching Researchers
Pod Problems
Pod Protector
So, About That Pod
Hidden Agenda
Last Place You Look
Tracking Outside
Outside Reports
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaKaibab Forest


Tracking Outside
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Track and kill Target(s) (Outsider Operative)

Track the Outsider back to the North and stop him from killing any other Technicians.
600 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Lilly's LifeNet Research



I didn't think anyone would still be looking for me after all this time, how long it been? 3 years?
Mission-Over 5, what happened to you?
MissionXYeah, hold that thought...

Wow, time flies when you're having fun! I was working on this LifeNet pod years ago when these guys showed up. All of my experiments had been failures, but these guys, they knew more about LifeNet than anyone else. So, I went with them.
Mission-How do they know so much about LifeNet?
MissionXCool story.

They have all the old schematics and info, it looks like they've been studying it for a long time. I didn't mean to spend so much time gone, but my was too much to leave behind. Why are you researching LifeNet?
Mission-The Outsiders paid a LifeNet Technician to try to make a copy of me, any idea why?
MissionXThis sounds worse than I thought.

The Outsiders are trying to stretch the limits of what LifeNet can do, but look, I've been following them around for all this time and they don't tell me anything- plus I think they killed the last four LifeNet Techs that talked to. They guy who did it is actually heading towards one of the other pods in the North.

Here, take all this info and get out of here before they figure out we're talking.
MissionVI'm on it!
MissionXLet me do one thing first.


Tracking Outside
With the Outsider dead, you can get the books you collected back to the Quarantine Tech.
600 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Lilly's LifeNet Research


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