Trans-Province Classic
StartCarl Norton
Los Alamos
EndUpon reaching the Leg 4 waypoint
Embry Crossroads
TypeRoad Rally
Repeatable Mission
Rewards1 AP
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaLos Alamos
Requirement(s)Level 50


Trans-Province Classic
Mission-Find the location (Leg 1 marker)
Mission-Find the location (Leg 2 marker)
Mission-Find the location (Leg 3 marker)
Mission-Find the location (Leg 4 waypoint)

Carl Norton in Los Alamos has sent you off on a road rally to Embry Crossroads in the Plateau. The race is timed. The faster you go, the better your rewards are likely to be. If you abandon this mission, you must start the race over.
1 AP



The real proof of a solid member of the Franklin's Riders is a successful run from the wastes of Deadfall, through Kaibab Forest and Northfields, then down to the Plateau. We call it the Trans-Province Classic. It's not for the squeamish. Make good time, though, and you'll get some nice prizes.
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Trans-Province Classic
You've successfully completed the final leg of the Trans-Province Classic road rally!



  • Although the race begins at the Los Alamos garage, in Deadfall, the Leg 1 marker is actually in Sector 2, directly west of Hollister Point and directly north of Fracture. Unless you have somehow found a safe path through the irradiated mountains west and north of Los Alamos (share if you have!), you will need to go northeast to the northernmost point of the Deadfall-Kaibab Forest boundary, head northwest from there to Kristo's Rest, and then southwest to the marker at /waypoint 4882667 5554955 .
  • The Leg 2 marker is in Sector 1, in Plateau-Northfields Wastes, on top of a hill south of Newton, at /waypoint 4605701 4593515 .
  • The Leg 3 marker is in Sector 1, in High Point, just outside a CoG compound east of Watchtower, at /waypoint 4654365 3956894 .
  • The Leg 4 waypoint is in Sector 1, in Embry Commonwealth, at the garage east of Embry Crossroads, at /waypoint 4305367 3226339 .
  • Taking the most direct route in Northfields will require you to pass through two PvP areas, Hollister Point and New Gallows. If you are a high level character, be prepared to take both Level 20 and Level 30 PvP debuffs which will sap your gamma and stamina for several minutes after you leave the PvP areas. Better give that Hermit Crab a wide berth!
  • The rewards for this mission are variable depending on your time. Example: rewards for one run on a Franklin's Rider horse, taking 1 hour 24 minutes, were 1 AP and 2 Basic Paint And Dye Kits.
  • Completing the race awards the following Wastelander achievement:
Wastelander rally icon
Trans-Province Classic
Complete the Trans-Province Classic road rally.


  • Leg 1 Marker
  • Leg 2 Marker
  • Leg 3 Marker
  • Leg 4 Marker
  • Deadfall-Kaibab Crossing
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