Group Mission Icon.pngTrust Not to Be Trusted
StartBerry O'Callaghan
EndUpon killing the targets.
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Faction
ChainGrin and Bear It
Bearing the Brunt
Long-Held Suspicions
Trust Not to Be Trusted
Dead Means Dead
Dead Man's Hand
Aces and Eights
Sounding the Alarm (Scorcher Base)
Unleashing Hell
- Bypass Security
- Kill Research Subjects
- Kill the Region XI Commander
Flight Outta Hell
Light of Hope
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaScorcher Base


Trust Not to Be Trusted
Mission-.pngKill 6 Mercenary Scouts
Mission-.pngKill 3 Mercenary Veterans
Mission-.pngKill 1 Mercenary Squad Leader

Berry O'Callaghan, an Eco-Warrior to the southwest of Scorcher Base wants you to kill a patrol of mercenaries that have been harassing a small Torcher camp.
1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Reputation



Look, clone, let's get this out the way right now. I don't like your kind. I don't trust anyone who essentially can't die. But on the other hand, I fully understand how useful you guys can be.

We're taking fire from mercs that those traitors hired. Kill as many as you can. They're not the good guys anymore... if they ever were.

Check back in via radio when the job's done.
MissionV.pngTell me more.
MissionX.pngNo thanks.


Trust Not to Be Trusted
<OVER THE RADIO> Berry O'Callaghan: Shit. Shit! Damn mercs ain't got no morals. You know what they've done, now? They coerced a bunch of refugees to come live in their camp. They knew we were coming, and now they've got human shields.

You're going in there. I need you to take out the officer in charge of that camp without killing any of the innocent civilians they've got living with them.
1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Reputation


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