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Under Control
Start John Harris
EndUpon interacting with the plane
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBuilding Your ATV (Level 5+)
Under Control
Missing Controls
Flight Deck to Control Tower
Controlled Kill
In Control
On the Road Again
Rollin' On
Don't Tread on Me
Burning Rubber
Rubber to the Road
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Frames for Murder
Frame of Reference
Into Overdrive
Little Engine That Could
Revved Up
Shifting Into High Gear
Know Your Mechanic
Know Your Machine
Quad Knowledge
Apprehension System
End of the Road
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


Under Control
Mission-.pngExamine the Plane

John Harris in Embry Crossroads has tipped you off to the location of a viable control system in the nearby area. Head out and retrieve the electronics before someone else does.
500 Experience



Been riding that nag pretty hard, I see. Before she drops dead, you might want to consider investing in a reliable set of wheels. It just so happens I could use a little handy work, and in exchange I may know a thing or two about building an ATV. If you're not interested, you've got to have lug nuts for brains.
Mission-.pngGo on, I'm listening.
MissionX.pngSorry, not interested.

I thought you looked like one of those smart clones. You're in luck; recently, I've heard rumors about a viable control system in the area. I'm a nice guy, so I'll even tell you where to find it. You just make sure to bring it back here, and we'll draw up some modified plans to fit an ATV. Sound like a fair deal?
Mission-.pngWhy don't you just send Rayburg?
MissionX.pngNo, thanks.

Rayburg wouldn't know a control system if it hit him upside the head. Don't make stupid suggestions, man.
MissionV.pngOkay, fine. I'll do it.
MissionX.pngWhatever, dude.


Under Control
The plane's empty -- the control box ripped clean from the dash. Looks like John's tip-off came a little too late. But who knows, maybe you can track down the salvager who carted off the goods?
500 Experience