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|type = Group Mission
|type = Group Mission
|faction = Vista
|faction = Vista
|conflictguard = 1000
|experience = 500
|experience = 500
|chips = 225
|chips = 225

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Vengeance Sure Tastes Sweet
StartVista Guard Captain
EndVista Guard Captain
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
225 Chips
Choose one:
5x Stinky Cheese
5x Macho Wine Cooler
+1000 Guard Skill Tier Points
ChainVengeance Sure Tastes Sweet
[[Mission: Vengeance Sure Tastes Sweet (2)|]]
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows


1. Kill 10 Human League

2. Return for your reward


The Guard Captain in The Gallows has asked you to kill Human League members in their camps around town.


Look, now that we're in control, we've got to take advantage of it while everyone else is still reeling. Location is crucial in this sort of combat situation.

This is the best time and place to strike at the Human League and get our vengeance. Don't let our window of opportunity go to waste. The more of those murderers we kill, the more time we have to get our guards into place.

Exterminate them with extreme prejudice.
MissionVTell me more.


Vengeance Sure Tastes Sweet
Excellent start. I'm rather impressed with your work so far.


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