Vengeful Weapons
StartSergeant Benson
EndUpon reaching the waypoint.
Rewards500 Experience
NextVengeful Weapons (2)
ChainVengeful Weapons
Vengeful Weapons (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


Find the cache


Sergeant Benson asked you to locate a load of weapons being manufactured in a now-abandoned camp outside Embry Crossroads.


Sergeant Benson:

Hey... Aren't you that clone that took down Kizzy Malone? Shoot, that bitch deserved every hole you poked in her skin-sack. She tore down a few of my guards when she was up here for the hunt. We had to confiscate her prize. Anyway, many thanks. Hey, I've got something you may be interested in. Some tribesmen have been making weapons out of scrap just outside of town. You know, stuff like spiked bats and iron clubs. My guards shooed 'em off, but they left a load of weapons behind. You go out there and pick it up, and I'll let you keep one of 'em as payment.


You don't see any weapons here, but as you approach the location, you hear a voice.

"I hear you killed some of my deputies, and took credit for taking down Kizzy Malone. I don't take kindly to folks taking the law into their own hands.

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