Vice is Verse Us
StartLewis Wooley
EndTerance Bumpas
Rewards50 Experience
20 Chips
ChainThe Awful Truth
Vice is Verse Us
Carhenge II
The House on the Hill
Friends Like These
Guard Duty (Blaine)
Preferably Dead
Preferably Dead (2)
Preferably Dead (3)
Hail to the Chief
Treachery and Lies
Time LimitUnlimited


Vice is Verse Us
Mission-Talk to Terance Bumpas

Lewis Wooley wants you to talk to Terance Bumpas in Blaine.
50 Experience
20 Chips



Oh yeah. Yeah, it's all here--and if we show it to anybody but President Sandoval, we'll be dead in minutes. See, you've got to understand the situation we're in. All of the Bank's Watchers are loyal to Vice President Thorpe. And when I say loyal, I mean LOYAL. They do what he says, no questions, no hesitation. They'd kill their own mothers if he told them to. And they're not bad people, in themselves; they just don't have any idea what kind of rat bastard Thorpe really is.
Mission-Why is Thorpe so bad? What's he done?
MissionXThis sounds like WAY too much drama.

He's in league with some people over to the east, out in the territories past Pump House Road. I don't have every last detail on 'em myself--hell, I don't even know their names--but I know enough to know this: if they get what they want, we'll all be dead. All of us. They're doing something with some kind of chemical. Something BAD.
Mission-These people want to kill...everyone? What kind of sense does that make?
MissionXWhoa, too ehavy for me. Later.

They've got their reasons, I'm sure. The point is, nobody's going to believe you on this except President Sandoval, 'cause she's the only one who's not sworn some crazy oath to Thorpe. You've got to get in to see her. And the only way to do that is to get in good with the Watch. Go talk to Terance Bumpas, make yourself useful, but don't let on like you know anything about this. And keep this envelope close to you, too. Got it? Make sure Sandoval is the ONLY one who sees it.
MissionVGot it.
MissionXNo thanks. Sounds like too much work.


You're here to help?
MissionVYes sir.
MissionXNot right now, no.

Vice is Verse Us
Yeah, I might be able to put you to good use.
50 Experience
20 Chips


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