Vistas are the Devil!
StartBuster Reeves
EndBuster Reeves
Rewards200 Experience
225 Chips
+750 Tech Faction
Choose one:
100x Light Pistol Ammunition
140x Medium Pistol Ammunition
180x Heavy Pistol Ammunition
ChainVistas are the Devil!
Own the Vista
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows
Requirement(s)Level 15
The Vistas cannot take the Gallows. They'll just use it as a staging point to blow up Picus Ridge, killing innocent people and halting any spark of progress. Our listening devices have picked up talk of the Vistas clearing out the Devil's Own in their trenches. We have to take those trenches first.
MissionV.pngTell me more.
MissionX.pngNo thanks.

Vistas are the Devil!
Mission-.png0/8 Devil's Own Sharpshooters

Buster Reeves at the Tech camp wants you to kill Devil's Own Sharpshooters to gain an advantage against the Vista. (Completing this mission will add control points to the Techs in The Gallows. The faction with the highest control points at the end of the control period takes control of The Gallows.)
200 Experience
225 Chips
+750 Tech Reputation
You choose one of the following:
100x Heavy Pistol Ammunition
140x Medium Pistol Ammunition
180x Light Pistol Ammunition



Those tree huggers are in serious trouble with you around. You truly have a gift for violence. I'm glad we're friends!

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