Waiting Period Blues
Start"Wise" Sam Schnucky
EndUpon acquiring all the pieces.
Mission ItemsBlaine Short Light Barrel
Blaine Steel Breech Action
Blaine Handgun Grip
Rewards500 Experience
ChainWaiting Period Blues
Waiting Period Blues (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 25


Waiting Period Blues
Mission-Obtain the Blaine Short Light Barrel
Mission-Obtain the Blaine Steel Breech Action
Mission-Obtain the Blaine Handgun Grip

"Wise" Sam Schnucky wants you to gather three parts of a gun (the Blaine Short Light Barrel, the Blaine Steel Breech Action, and the Blaine Handgun Grip) from the junk heap outside town. The parts have probably been eaten by Hungry Cockroaches.
500 Experience



Howdy! Schnucky's the name. "Wise" Sam Schnucky. Guess folks around here think I'm pretty smart. They even say my name's "ironic!" Listen, I want a handgun, but the Watch told me I'd have to go through a waiting period. You ever heard anything so ridiculous?

So, I didn't want to wait, and I started putting together a gun of my own, but then Kirby Bumpas got wind of it and he broke my gun into pieces and threw it away! He said, "Don't let me catch you fishing these out of the junk heap, either."

Well, I want my gun back, and I'll pay you if you can bring the pieces to me. 'Course, by now the hungry cockroaches out there might have, uh...eaten the parts...'cause I was oilin' them up with Clint Bartokinski's lube jam... Whaddaya say?
MissionVTell me more.


Waiting Period Blues
Looking at the pieces, you think you can see how they'd fit together as a handgun. Out of curiosity more than anything else, you snap the pieces together...
500 Experience


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