Welcome to the FARM
StartJenna Soss
EndDr. Delia Clinton
Rewards100 Experience
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM
Requirement(s)Level 2


Talk to Delia Clinton


Welcome to the FARM
Jenna Soss has advised you to seek employment from Delia Clinton in Clinton FARM.



Again? So soon?

Clones regenerating in my LifeNet facility. Seems like lots of you are coming through these days.
Mission-Oh, is that unusual?

Well, I've been here almost all my life and can count on one hand how many clones I'd seen. Then recently clones started streaming out of here.
Mission-Do you know why?

No clue, except my admin computer asked for more biomass for the regen tanks just before you guys started showing up. It's like it knew you were coming.
Mission-Interesting Can you tell me where I am?

You're in Clinton FARM, in the Westreach.
Mission-What do people do here?

Well, I run this facility and help the Clintons when I can, especially since the Blade Dancer attacks. The Clintons run the clinic part of the FARM. The Brambys used to run the mine, before the Blade Dancers showed up. The attacks were pretty devastating. Lots of folks got killed or captured. If you're inclinded to help, I'm sure you could be of great service. Talk to Delia Clinton.
MissionVSounds good.


Listen, I don't have much spare time. Make it quick.

Welcome to the FARM
If you're looking to learn, and to help people, you're in the right place. If not, please leave the FARM.


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