Welcome to the Neighborhood
StartIan Neddles
EndIan Neddles
Mission ItemsConcrete Rubble
Rewards500 Experience
200 Chips
ChainWelcome to the Neighborhood
Not Our Kind of People
Social Climbing for Beginners
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
No Training Necessary
Can You Say Malpractice?
Unfortunate Side Effects
Someone to Blame
Not so Subtle Hint
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


Welcome to the Neighborhood
Mission-Obtain Concrete Rubble (requires standing in place for 15 sec after interacting with the rubble.)
Mission-Return for your reward

Ian Neddles wants you to gather some concrete for him outside the town walls.
500 Experience
200 Chips



Welcome to Sunshine Corners! We've got just the nicest town here, and we sure are glad you've decided to come visit. The Union helps us keep it clean and safe. They've been so good to us. Since you're new to the area, I'll help you make some friends and find work at the same time! In fact, I've got a couple of jobs for you myself, if you don't mind helping an old man out. The Doctor asked me to build a new guardhouse for the Union. With the Devil's Own so close to our fair city, we've run short on supplies, and to get more concrete rubble to patch the walls, I'd have to leave the city limits. I just don't think I should do that. Will you get the concrete for me?
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Welcome to the Neighborhood
Thanks! I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the guardhouse in time.
500 Experience
200 Chips



  • The Vicious Creepers surrounding the rubble are aggro, level 16 and 17, with a long aggro range.
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