What's New in Ballistics
StartCarmelita Flores
EndCarmelita Flores
Rewards500 Experience
240 Chips
1x Mastercrafted Components Manual
ChainWhat's New in Ballistics
What's New in Pistols
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


What's New in Ballistics
Mission-Obtain 3 Common Steel
Mission-Return for your reward

Carmelita Flores wants you to bring her some Common Steel.
500 Experience
240 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Mastercrafted Components Manual



Are you interested in ballistics? I'm with a group of engineers that's been working to develop a new type of pistol. It could revolutionize handgun design. After all these years of scrounging and recycling it's exciting to work on something new.
Mission-You have my attention.
Mission-Just tell me where I can get the manual.
MissionXEh. Not interested.

The idea is similar to the twenty-first century KRISS Super V system. It operates on the principle of directing the recoil forces from the bolt downward instead of backward, moving the slide and reloading each round into the chamber.
Mission-Tell me more.
MissionXSounds too complicated.

The weapon is charged after reload by a charging handle at the base of the grip. So there are no moving outer parts. The area in the hand grip normally reserved for the cartridge magazine is used to guide the motion of the bolt downward. The rounds are loaded from the top and, in the semi-automatic version, eject below the bolt. This shortens the barrel-length, but the recoil redirection bolt more than makes up for it in with accuracy. But you want to know the best part?
Mission-Of course.
Mission-Great. Where can I get the manual?
MissionXYou've lost me.

MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Right! The whole thing is modular! You can adapt it immediately to any situation without carrying around tools. It can accommodate a traditional magazine, a revolving six round cylinder or a two round shotgun magazine. The barrels and front cowling and handgrip are interchangeable.
Mission-Okay, now tell me how to make one!
MissionXHuh. Nice work.

Not so fast. I'll tell you the basics, but if I'm going to share something like this there's got to be something in it for me. I'm working on a pistol right now, and I need more steel. I'll trade you this handbook for some.
Mission-I'll find you some steel.
MissionXI'll look elsewhere, thanks.


What's New in Ballistics
Perfect! Now I can get on with my project. Here you are. This book will get you started making components. When you're ready to learn how to assemble an actual pistol come talk to me.
500 Experience
240 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Mastercrafted Components Manual


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