What's Theirs Is Mine!
StartWarren Keel
EndWarren Keel
Mission ItemsStolen Merchandise
Rewards500 Experience
142 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Receover Warren Keel's stolen goods

2. Return for your reward


Warren Keel wants you to recover his load of supplies from the Night Wolves camped west of Watchtower.


Warren Keel:

I'm just tryin' to make my way in the world, same as you. Same as anyone else, right? But there I was, rollin' along from Pass Chris, bound for Trumbull with a load of supplies for market, when I got jacked by a few hootin' and hollerin' Night Wolf bandits. They took my goods. I want 'em back. Now, I'd be happy to do it myself, but seein' as how you've got one of those handy do-over rings around your neck, I figure it makes more sense to get your help. I'm willin' to pay.


That's what I call a solid investment! Here's a little somethin' for your trouble. Now I'll make sure these goods get to Trumbull...finally!

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