Whatever Remains, However Impro
StartTed Rickles
EndUpon retrieving the Hidden Cache
Mission ItemsHidden Cache
Rewards600 Experience
ChainThe Great Dieseltown Mystery
The Game's Afoot!
Elementary, My Dear Clone
If You Eliminate the Impossible
If You Eliminate the Impossible (2)
Whatever Remains, However Impro
...Must Be The Truth!
The Dieseltown Mystery: Solved?
No Shit, Sherlock
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Whatever Remains, However Impro
Mission-Locate the cache (retrieve the Hidden Cache)

Find the fallen water tower and retrieve the cache. Then return the contents to Ollie Gumshoe.



Whatever Rudy took out of that crate had to have been important. You see, taking unscrupulous jobs and being a general pain in the ass to humanity paid off for the less-pleasant elements in our midst. They got to flex their muscles and extort from honest folk. There's only one other place I can think that he might have hidden the contents.

We squirreled away a cache for when times got touch. It was in the water tower across the highway - but now that place is a lair for a giant Kaibab grizzly. If you can get inside, maybe you can find whatever Rudy was hiding. If there's anything worthwhile in there, take it to Ollie.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Whatever Remains, However Impro
You've located the cache. It's got a lot of stuff in it; return the whole thing to Ollie.



Urasline, a level 37 boss, guards the entrance to the hidden cache. However, if one crouches, one can sneak into the den from the rear to get the cache and then sneak out safely.
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