When the Chips Are Down
StartAlexander Hamilton Van Kirk
EndAlexander Hamilton Van Kirk
Mission ItemsSecurity Locked Box
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
190 Chips
ChainRock and a Hardcase
When the Chips Are Down
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTrailer Park


1. Obtain Alexander's Chips

2. Return for your reward


Find the Hoffa Bunker and locate Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk's money inside it (/waypoint 5011079 4120140).


Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: Y'know, I've decided you're all right. So I'll let you in on a secret. That wasn't all the money I had in the world, not by a long shot. Well, it's all the money I HAD...but it's not all the miney that's MINE. I was robbed, see.

Player: Oh?

Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: One day I was out tryin' to find some dillers to make Melissa a nice new coat, and these damn Throwbacks knocked me down and took my money box. I trailed 'em as best I could, but I couldn't catch up with 'em. They disappeared into that bunker everybody pretends they don't know about. You know the one I mean? Place they call the Hoffa Bunker?

Player: Yeah, I know it.

Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: Listen, if you can get inside that place and find my money, you can keep it. It'll be reward enough for me just to know you knocked the slop out of a ton of these stinkin' Throwbacks along the way.


It's a deal.


Alexander Hamilton Van Kirk: Did you find those chips?


Yes. Right here.


Aw, hell. Looks like the Throwbacks went and chewed up the chips! Barely any in here that'll even spend! Well, what's here is yours. You earned it for damn sure. And thanks for your help with Melissa, too. I'll figure some way to get her to see she belongs with me, don't you worry.

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