Whispering Tongues
StartSly Renard
EndSly Renard
Rewards50 Experience
20 Chips
4x Biscuits
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaMurder Hole


1. Obtain 10 Weak Healing Accelerant

2. Return for your reward


Sly Renard wants you to bring samples of weak healing accelerant to him in the Traveler camp near Murder Hole. The accelerant may be scavenged from the Toro lashpetals growing on the slopes of the nearby ridge.


Sly Renard:

The Travelers lost some good people when the raiders jacked the caravan down in the Hole. We're gonna pay them back in full, though. They won't die fast. They won't die easy. Need to patch our wounds first. We need healing meds. Watch your back, though. Never know who might be gunning for you.


Nice work. This ought to do the trick.

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