White Hot
StartWhite Crow Informant
EndWhite Crow Informant
Rewards20x Outpost Currency
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaIsobaric Repository

Hey now, let's not resort to violence so quickly. The Crow didn't survive this long without learning to adapt. You wanna knock off a few lowly soldiers be my guest, but I've got enough information to make my life worth saving. Let me live and maybe do me a favor and I'll be more then happy to share what we know. It's not even a big favor - just one tiny rival killed.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


White Hot
Mission-0/1 White Crow Rival
Mission-Return for your reward

Kill the White Crow Rival.
Items you will receive:
20x Outpost Currency



White Hot
Well, that was easy. I guess you held up your end of the deal. So let me fill you in on some secrets. There are a bunch of Crow that are working for this crazy chick, called herself the Tzarina, well the Outsiders are trying to track her down too. Seems they think she has something to do with their pet project "Base 0". Weird, huh?
Items you will receive:
20x Outpost Currency


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