With Steel at Your Back
Start(The Gallows) Guard Captain
End(The Gallows) Guard Captain
TypeGroup Mission
FactionControlling Faction
Rewards100 Experience
25 Chips
Choose one:
5x Stinky Cheese
5x Macho Wine Cooler
+500 Guard Skill Tier Points
ChainSteel Backbone
With Steel at Your Back
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows
You've helped us get the most necessary things repaired, but we still need to make weapons and get more armor ready for any time our enemy might attack. We need you to get more scrap steel.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

With Steel at Your Back
Mission-0/10 Scrap Steel
Mission-Return for your reward

The Guard Captain in The Gallows has asked you to get Scrap Steel for them any way you can.
100 Experience
25 Chips
You choose one of the following:
5x Stinky Cheese
5x Macho Wine Cooler



The fight to regain control took a lot of resources. This should help us build up our defenses, but we're just getting started.

And we're just getting started in building up to safer levels.

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