Wolf Meat Love Letter
StartJewel LeTupac
EndRio Geaumont
Mission ItemsWolf Meat Stew
Rewards500 Experience
ChainTo a Man's Heart
Wolf Meat Love Letter
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaLeTupac Farm


Take the pot of Wolf Meat Stew to Rio Geaumont at the Geaumont Farm southeast of the Dunsinane Tunnel.


Jewel LeTupac:

All right then! It's ready to go! This dish is SO easy... Rio likes his meat uncooked, so all I really have to do is dump it in. Y'know, I thought I was going to have the nearve to taek this over to the Geaumont farm myself, but I'm jsut so NERVOUS around his mother... Would you take it over there for me and give it to him? Just tell him it's from me, with ALL my heart, and ALL my love, and then give him a big hug and kiss from me! Would you do that? 'Kay, thank you!


Whuh...uh...huh? This is from who? OH! Jewel sent this? That sweet li'l girl... People say we's too young to git hitched and that it's a problem 'cause our families been feudin' fer nigh onto fifty years now - and somethin' 'bout first cousins havin' kids bein' a bad idea - but they don't know squat! MMMMMM-mmm. Wolf Meat SWtew. She puts the touch on this JUST right.

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