You Won't Get Your Allowance
StartChristian Summers
EndChristian Summers
Mission ItemsSunshine Corners Pool Kit
Rewards500 Experience
75 Chips
1x Tools 2 Instructions
1x Pitchfork
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


1. Check Pool

2. Return for your reward


Christian Summers in Sunshine Corners wants you to check the chlorine level in the pool using the kit he gave you.


On behalf of the Union, welcome to Sunshine Corners. I know you clones are used to getting a lot of really dangerous work fighting raiders and what-not, but we're just not that kind of town. We could use some help, though. It's been a while since someone came to check the pool. Would you mind running over there and testing the chlorine levels?


That really wasn't so hard, was it? This should help you do some more odd jobs around here.

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