Yours to Mine
StartKrissy Fincher
EndUpon reaching the waypoint.
ChainYours to Mine
Yours to Mine (2)
Yours to Mine (3)
Yours to Mine (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


Go to the Hill


Krissy Fincher in Embry Crossroads wants you to survey a nearby hill for metal deposits.


Krissy Fincher: Hey... you look like someone my Granddad Ragin was telling me about. A clone that helped him get the quarry operational again... well, somewhat.

Player: That's me.

Krissy Fincher: I thought so. The creepers never really go away, do they?

Player: Not really.

Krissy Fincher: Anyway, I've got some prospecting work for you if you're interested. Supposedly there's a ton of copper and possibly even some iron in one of the hills nearby. Could you scout the hill and see what you can find? I can point out which hill it is, but you'll have to find the exact spot on your own. If you find it, bring back some copper for me so I can test the quality, could you?




You've found the hill.

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