How Aggro Works Edit

Each critter has a visible arc that is about ninety degrees in front of the creature. If the creature is hostile to the player (which may be caused by the creature being hostile to everything, the players faction standing, active effects on the character like creeper musk, and so forth) and the player enters the visible arc within a range set on the creature (usually from 5-30 meters), the creature aggros on the character. [1] If the player is behind a creature, it checks how much noise the player makes against the creature’s Perception attribute. If the player makes enough noise for the creature to hear something, it aggros on the player. Noise level is determined by a combination of the player’s Stealth skill, the noise their weapons and armor make, and how recently they moved or attacked.

Strength Edit

Generally speaking, you'll never shoot the same creature for ten minutes. In fact, it's rare to shoot anything for more than thirty seconds, but earthwalkers and other big beasties may take a little while. Instead raid encounters will involve fighting lots of smaller opponents. There will be exceptions, but they will be rare and make sense given the setting.[2]

References Edit

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