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Sector: Plateau
County: Toro Bend
Waypoint: /waypoint 5007408 4176675
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 5033877 4194023
Garage: /waypoint 5014822 4152473


To travel to Murder Hole you can use the Trailer Park LifeNet Pod. From the garage beside it you can take the Franklin Raider's Quest "Run for the Sun - Leg 1" from Catherine Durham to Sunshine Corners in the Northfields.

The Tourist Telescope is located in the Northeast Direction when you approach the PVP Zone. It stands above the tunnel near the antenna tower.

In the South of Murder Hole you will find all faction NPCs with a number of missions.

Satellite Image

Murderhole Satellite.jpg

GlobalTech Supply Cache

A GlobalTech Supply Cache spawns in Murder Hole every ~50 minutes.

Explorer Achievement

Achievement Icon Dead Reckoner.jpg
Dead Reckoner : Murder Hole

Take in the view at Murder Hole.