All-Mind Element
All-Mind Element
SectorKaibab Forest
Location/waypoint 6854835 5337800

All-Mind Element
You are small, and cannot fathom the destruction you have wrought. The severing of so many minds, so many limbs of our consciousness, is an agony your simple awareness cannot even begin to perceive.
Mission-What are you?

All-Mind Element
We are a unity of minds and purpose. One thought, one movement, one outcome. Those incapable of raising their voices with our song are notes of discord in the symphony of existence. They will be silenced, as was the one who came before.
Mission-You mean Master Kellin?
Mission!That's enough crazy-talk. Let's dance.

All-Mind Element
That was the name his shell gave. Names are fleeting and meaningless. They chain a being to individuality instead of allowing it to be free to join the song. He was destroyed, his mind too weak to understand.
Mission!All right. I've heard enough. It's time to die.
All-Mind Element
Name:All-Mind Element
Type:Humanoids (All-Mind)
Sector:Kaibab Forest
Location:/waypoint 6854835 5337800

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Ragged Kevlar Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Common Copper Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Average Cotton Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Average Lead Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom


This NPC is part of the mission The Power Within Us All.

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