Billy Cheever
Billy Cheever
AreaCentral Plains
Location/waypoint 4283268 3347283
Billy Cheever
Name:Billy Cheever
Aggro:Neutral / Aggressive
Area:Central Plains
Location:/waypoint 4283268 3347283

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Questionable Water Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Tainted Egg Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Ragged Leather Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Salvaged Copper Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Weak Antiseptic Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Tainted Grain Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Frayed Cotton Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom

There is a story to tell about this guy:

"Game Designer, James Lowe:

Goat Massacre

I was playing at one point in alpha, watching the chat fly by on global chat. Someone asked where to get Ragged Leather.

Another person responded that there was an area north of Embry Crossroads, filled with Goats that were easy to kill. They farmed over 200 leather in less than an hour there! Little did they know that I was watching and did not think it was wise to let that stand.

I found the location that they were talking about and it was filled with really weak goats that could be easily farmed, placed there eons ago for some mission that no longer exists.

What we ended up doing was removing all the goats from the area, and littering the area with dead goat part objects. We then created an NPC standing in the area with a conversation where he laments his lost goats. He asks you if you were the clone that killed them...if you say yes, he attacks you. Poor Billy Cheever..."

Billy Cheever
You're not one of them, are you?
Mission-One of who?
MissionXUmmm ... no.

Billy Cheever
A bunch of clones came through here not long ago and just started killing my goats. I overheard one of them say that it the goats had "great skins". What the hell? Those were MY goats. They weren't just sitting there minding their own business, so someone could come along and kill them to become some rich dude's belt. You weren't one of the clones who killed my goats, are you?
Mission-Yeah. Sorry about your goats.
Mission-No. Sorry about your loss.
MissionXI don't know what you're talking about.

Billy Cheever
I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll take up a tradeskill. I hear goat skin makes good leather ...


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