Bobby Lions
Bobby Lions
AreaCredit Bend
Location/waypoint 4665485 5469525

Bobby Lions
Goo. I've been sent on behalf of the merchants of New Flagstaff to discuss the price of scrap metals: iron, copper, lead. That sort of thing. We feel those prices have been unfairly manipulated by King Eddie and his organization. I have proof that -
Mission-Down to brass tacks, Bobby. What do you want?
Mission-So what if prices are fixed? Isn't that good for the merchants?
We'll have to talk later.

Bobby Lions
Well, we want the practice to stop.
Mission-That's not going to happen.
MissionXWe'll have to talk later.

Bobby Lions
Bobby Lions
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Bobby Lions
If you're not going to stop, the least you could do is offer a volume discount...
Mission-Oh? You want a special favor? You want a piece of the action?
MissionXWe'll have to talk later.

Bobby Lions
Well, like they say, if you can't beat 'em...
Mission-If you're asking for us to cut you in on the profits, I've got a prepared response from my employer.
MissionXHold that thought.
Bobby Lions
Name:Bobby Lions
Area:Credit Bend
Location:/waypoint 4665485 5469525
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