Luther Thomas
Luther Thomas NPC
AreaHaven Archives
Location/waypoint 4513027 5153783


Luther Thomas
So. You survived our little ambush. You've been digging too deep and have angered Us All.
MissionV"Us All"?.
MissionXI'll be back.

Luther Thomas
We provide connection where before there was none. We think as one, but can speak as One or Many. Our reach must be extended to bring those with greater breadth in their mental connections to Us, that We may be One. You, however, have defied Us and destroyed our bodies.
MissionVSo, you all share a mental connection with one another?
MissionXI'll be back.

Luther Thomas
It is more than that. We are One. All are One, though We may develop personalities and take names for individual bodies that We may interact with those who are not of Us.
MissionVAnd you created the Open Book Society as a "friendly face" to do recruitment?
MissionXI'll be back.

Luther Thomas
Yes. Those who will not contribute are purged and those who will are joined. We see now, though you have defied Us, that you are worthy of being joined.
MissionVNot in your dreams. I must destroy you.
MissionXI'll be back.

Luther Thomas
You may destroy this body, but the man who was once Luther Thomas is already a part of Us. He was once all body. He is now All-Mind.
MissionV(Defend yourself)

Luther Thomas
Name:Luther Thomas
Type:Humanoids (All-Mind)
Area:Haven Archives
Location:/waypoint 4513027 5153783

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Tainted Milk Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Sour Beer Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Questionable Water Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom


Spawns only during the missions Chopping Off the Head and Subtle Undercurrent.

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