AreaEmbry Commonwealth
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Do you need something?
Mission-What do the Garage and Stable Managers do?

They manage your mounts. more specifically, garage managers handle your vehicles and stable managers handle any critter you've managed to calm down enough to ride or follow you around.
Mission-How do I retrieve my mounts?
Mission-Can I have multiple mounts?
Mission-Can I paint my mounts?
MissionXThat's all I need to know.

Tow and then activate them. Whether they're out in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a hostile camp of man-eating mutants, or stored at another garage -- we can bring them here, assuming you have the chips to pay for the service. If you're just swapping for another mount, you can park it at no additional cost --- we only charge for travel expenses.
Mission-I have another question.
MissionXGood to know.

Of course you can. You just can't have more than one active at a time -- that goes for any pets too; hard enough to keep track of just one of the little buggers as it is. And keep in mind that we'll only let you keep a total of five mounts. If you want a new one, you have to destroy one if you already have a total of five between the garage and stable managers.
Mission-I have another question.
MissionXGood to know.

As long as you provide the dyes, yeah they can paint an active mount. Just, uh...don't ask the stable manager to paint any of your horses or something. The last, and only, time a clone asked the stable manager to paint one of their horses, the horse kicked the poor guy a good thirty meters or so -- he couldn't work with horses ever since, always running and screaming like a little girl at the sight of them.
Mission-I have another question.
MissionXGood to know.

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