Open Book Keeper
Open Book Keeper
FactionOpen Book Society
AreaThe Ascent
Location/waypoint 4271947 3186333

Open Book Keeper
I gather you've read our found, Harlon Grey's words, and took them to heart.
Mission-Yes. I wish to form a connection with the spiritual threads of the universe.

Open Book Keeper
Excellent! You HAVE read it.
Mission-Of course. That's why I'm here. To learn.

Open Book Keeper
You must open yourself to others in order to receive these gifts.nly not siding with YOU.
Mission-I'm ready to open my mind.

Open Book Keeper
I don't sense enough potential in you.
Mission-What do you mean?

Open Book Keeper
I'm sorry to say that you must be purged.
Open Book Keeper
Name:Open Book Keeper
Type:Humanoids (Open Book Society)
Area:The Ascent
Location:/waypoint 4271947 3186333

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