Redstone Informant
Redstone Informant NPC
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaRedstone Research Facility
Location/waypoint 6347140 5907265

Redstone Informant
So you made it this far. I should have known those asshat scientists couldn't get the job done.
Mission-Who the hell are you?

Redstone Informant
The last person you'll ever see. I've sealed off the hallway. You won't get out the same way you got in. Good luck finding another way out. Oh, and killing me won't do any good. I don't have a key.
Mission-If you don't, who does?

Redstone Informant
Heh...I'll go ahead and tell you. It won't do you any good. The White Crow Soldats guarding this place might, if you can find any of them.
MissionXSmug asshole.


This NPC is located in Redstone Research Facility during instanced mission Into the Bunker.

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