Shiva's Favored
Shivas Favored NPC
Level37, 38, 39
FactionShiva's Favored
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaCentral Kaibab
Location/waypoint 6918682 5144905

Shiva's Favored
Who are you?
Mission-I want to ask you a few questions.
MissionXNobody. never mind.

Shiva's Favored
Forget it. I know that Vista sent you.

Shiva's Favored
Don't even bother, Of course it was us who spread the rothium.
Mission-Let's go then.

Shiva's Favored
I've been watching. I know why you're here. You can tell that Vista friend of yours that Wither is coming, and she's going to take care fo those treehuggers. This forest belongs to Shiva's Favored now. It's already getting too hot for the rest of you.
Mission-I'll tell here when I'm done with you.
MissionXI think I'll just mind my own business.

Shiva's Favored
Name:Shiva's Favored
Type:Humanoids (Shiva's Favored)
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37, 38, 39
Sector:Kaibab Forest
Area:Central Kaibab
Location:/waypoint 6918682 5144905

Loot Window Top
Loot Window Left Light Pistol Ammunition Loot Window Right
Loot Window Left Simple Armor Repair Kit Loot Window Right
Loot Window Bottom


These NPCs appear only during mission Irradiated Intruders.

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