Sun and Moon Agent
Sun and Moon Agent
Level53 (Lightbearer)
SectorAlpha County
AreaAlpha Zone
Location/waypoint 6731818 4117174

Sun and Moon Agent
You need help or assistance? The Lightbearers are always here to help. We welcome all comers into out fold... We can sense the enemy in you. From your unguarded surface thoughts, you are working for the Lightbearers. Your presence causes discordance to Us. Time to die.
MissionVI'm ready for whateMissionVer you might bring, All-Mind puppet.
MissionXWhoa, wait a minute. I'm not ready yet.
Sun and Moon Agent
Name:Sun and Moon Agent
Type:Humanoids (Lightbearers)
Level:53 (Lightbearer)
Sector:Alpha County
Area:Alpha Zone
Location:/waypoint 6731818 4117174
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