The faction system allows characters to choose to be neutral - ie. belong to no specific faction. In fact all characters start as neutrals. However, the faction standings system ensures that this does not mean that characters have neutral standings with all factions. Neutrals experience of the world will be wider, but not as deep as that of faction members.

Neutral characters will be able to enter all the faction towns or conflict towns, but won't have as much to do there as a character of the appropriate faction. They can't take special faction missions or deal with special faction merchants. They can help their faction-committed friends on missions, but not complete the mission themselves, though if the mission involves actions that cause faction adjustments of their own (such as killing members of opposing factions), the neutral character may not remain so for long.[1]

Neutral characters can interact with the villain factions just like any other character, and eventually can get missions from the neutral factions like Franklin's Riders or the Bankers.

Neutrals can learn all the same skills as other characters, but faction members will have access to some special abilities that neutrals will not. Most special abilities can be learned by anyone, but they are more easily available if your faction favors the skill that it's related to. In summary, an Enforcer will learn Rifle Smash faster and more easily than a neutral character, and will have some special abilities that the neutral can't learn, but the neutral can raise his rifle skill just as high. It is unlikely that neutrals will have any special abilities that faction members can't learn.[2]

Neutrals will have access to some special gear from factions such as Franklin's Riders.

Missions Edit

Not all missions will require faction membership. In each sector there are approximately 20-25 towns. Of these:[3]

  • 1 is a barter town that is neutral and has lots of the trade infrastructure like auction houses, banks, etc.
  • 6 are faction towns, one for each faction. These towns will attack enemy faction members that come close to their town, but will not attack neutral characters.
  • 5-8 are conflict towns that characters can battle over.
  • 5-8 are neutral towns that have no PvP or faction dependent content.

So as you can see neutral characters will be able to visit a good number of towns in each sector. About half the missions in the game have no faction requirements. Fallen Earth is also planning to have some missions that involve neutral factions, like the mail-carrying Franklin's Riders, that you can only do if you have remained neutral.

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