Sector: Northfields
County: Union Plains
Faction: Shiva's Favored
Waypoint: /waypoint 4110587 5386246


Shiva's Favored have made the old school their new home. The location is full of Veteran enemies like Blight Wolves, Underdweller and Shiva's Favored at Level 27/28.







New Flagstaff University Missions


Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb:

Inside you have to assault everything that Moves. As an Instance, the Shivas and Mutants doesn't respawn, but the blight wolfes will come every 30 seconds with a new respawn at the same area. They are not that hard, but they respawn so fast, that you could walk nowhere without some of them.

On the left side at the second floor you found the Dusty Chest. On the right side, first and second floor you will find a curious debris. To go at the second floor, you have to enter the Building and go right. The second door on the right side is signed with "stairs". The metal stairways doesn't conveys you to the second floor.

The Bosses for the Mission you find also on the right side at the large Room, you reach over the metal stairways. The doors beneath are blocked.


First Floor

New Flagstaff University First Floor


Second Floor

New Flagstaff University Second Floor


Achievement Icon UrbExer.jpg
UrbExer : New Flagstaff University

Find the cache in the New Flagstaff University

Achievement Icon Cast a Deep Shadow.jpg
Academic Probation
Kill Professor Eddings at New Flagstaff University.
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