Region County Area Coordinates
PlateauKingman View3 cars in Dry Flats (PVP Zone west of Rest Stop)/waypoint 4078518 3784554
PlateauKingman View1 car near Rest Stop/waypoint 4195205 3689002
PlateauKingman View3 cars in the courtyard of Kingman Prison/waypoint 4207237 3637261
PlateauToro Bend2 cars in front of the entrance to the New Toro Power Facility/waypoint 4866097 4315886
PlateauPlateau-Northfields Wastes1 car near Death Zone in middle of nowhere surrounded by Creepers/waypoint 5019992 4614747

Region County Area Coordinates
NorthfieldsUnion Plains2 cars in Last Stop/waypoint 4059052 5609505

/waypoint 4055043 5598938

NorthfieldsThe Northfields Expanse3 cars in Wind Farm/waypoint 4109523 5753772
Abandoned Car

Region County Area Coordinates
Kaibab ForestTerminal Woods4 cars in Freeman Park/waypoint 6517045 4586340
Kaibab ForestTerminal Woods1 car at Eatman's Motel/waypoint 6370116 4526993
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