LifeNet Junk Pile
Knowledge: Basic Scavenge
Skill: Scavenging 1

Region County Area Coordinates
PlateauCentral PlainsTerance

/waypoint 4431865 3372324
/waypoint 4431558 3370976
/waypoint 4431625 3369194

Lifenet junk

It is estimated that the drop rate for Scrap Plastic is about 20%; Scrap Iron about 25%; and Scavenged Tech about 55%.

This is a really good way to get easy scrap plastic (a hard-to-get component, especially at lower levels, because you can't buy it). These junk piles will mostly drop "scavenged tech", but are very worth the time to mine for the plastic. All of the nodes will drop all 3 items at the same rate above.

These are scattered around the mouth of the cave at the edge of Terrance, over by the PvP bridge. It is the area surrounded by zombies ("Diggers") . It is easy to find because there are buzzards flying over it in a circle. There are two nodes in the trench by the cave mouth, but over half a dozen more in the area above surrounding the cave mouth. They re-spawn very quickly.

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