O.M.N.I. Boots
ManualDeath Toll Assembly
SkillArmorcraft 1
Components1x Death Toll Boots
1x Kinetic Amplifier
1x Alloy Plating
1x Revitalizing Matrix
2x Bag of Common Parts
ToolArmorcraft Tradeskill Kit
Time5m 0s (2m 30s)
OMNI Boots
O.M.N.I. Boots

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
Custom Color:Default
Item Level:66
Weight:1.5 kg
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +212
Piercing +212 Crushing +212
Fire +145 Cold +145
Acid +83 Radiation +83
Ballistic +83 Poison +83
Sonic +83 Electric +83
Psionic +83 Disease +83
Requirement: Player Level 55
Modifier:+1 Health
+2 Ranged & Melee Defense
+1 Gamma & Stamina Regeneration
+1 Percision
+2 Power

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