Officer´s Cavalry Horse Bridle
ManualAdvanced Horse Training 2 Manual
SkillNature 135
Components1x Veteran Cavalry Horse Bridle
35x Sack of Improved Horsefeed
35x Ragged Aramex
3x Advanced Veterinary Kit
30x Questionable Water
ToolNature Tradeskill Kit
Time2h 0m (1h 30m)
Bridle Icon
Officer´s Cavalry Horse Bridle
Use this item to summon an Officer´s Cavalry Horse. Once summoned it remains in the world unless parked. This mount has 60000 Stamina, Fuel Efficiency of 350, 20 storage slots, and is a combat mount.

Item Level:45
Weight:0.01 kg
Effect:Vehicle Generator Trigger
Using this item generates a vehicle.
Requirement: Nature 135

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