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Sector: Plateau
County: Central Plains
Waypoint: /waypoint 4293049 3476084
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4297085 3483859
LifeNet Fast Travel Terminal: /waypoint 4294658 3477022
Garage: /waypoint 4291372 3466692
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 4296002 3481276


Oilville is a town controlled by the Techs faction. The land around Oilville is dead and dark due to excessive oil rigging in the past.



Town Event

Event Manager Ariana Martin (Around /waypoint 4305057 3475514) holds the main Town Event mission, turn in Oilville Gear Markers to claim your rewards to NPC at the event area.

Explorer Achievement

Achievement Icon Tourist.jpg
Tourist : Oilville

Take in the view at Oilville.


The Oilville tourist achievement is also part of:

Achievement Icon Trailblazer.jpg
Trailblazer : Central Plains

See the sights in Central Plains.