Cache Junk Fortress

An old chest (cache)


Old chests (caches) can be found in several hostile locations. You may need a group to get there! The single stage missions they offer count towards the Explorer Achievements.

Plateau (Sector 1)Edit

Junk Fortress:

Kingman Prison:

New Toro:

Hoffa Bunker:

Missile Silo: 4673250 3950995

Northfields (Sector 2)Edit


Devil's Own Fortress:

Sunset Hill Catacombs:


New Flagstaff University:

Kaibab Forest (Sector 3)Edit

Fungal Blight Mine:

Brigg's Point Facility: 7061844 4746777

Earthbound Retreat: 6153985 4887227

Redstone Research Facility:

Recruitment Center:

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