Omega Arms Acis
ManualHeavy Weapons 2 Schematics
SkillBallistics 195
Components1x Composite Handgun Grip
1x Rocket Launcher Barrel
1x Composite Breech Action
5x Salvaged Carbon Steel
5x Common Plastic
ToolBallistics Tradeskill Kit
Time40m 0s (30m 0s)
Omega Arms Acis Icon
Omega Arms Acis
Continuing the Omega Arms tradition of mythological names for their launchers. Even when they don't make much sense.

Required Slots:BACK 2 HANDED
Item Level:65
Weight:4.5 kg
Ammo Type:Grenades
Category:Heavy Weapon
Min Condition:1
Effect:Acid Grenade Launcher
5 meter radius: Piercing 79, Acid 53
Effect Trigger:Projectile
Delay:2.0 seconds
Reload:2.5 seconds
Attack Skill:Heavy Weapons
Defensive Skill:Dodge
Requirement: Heavy Weapons 195


Ingame it says "Attack Skill: Rifle", but it is a display error. In fact, you need the requirements listed above! Heavy Weapons ARE NOT affected by Rifle or Power.

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