Embry archive coalition

The Archive Coalition in Embry Crossroads

The Open Book Society, also known as the Archive Coalition, is one of the few neutral factions and is allied with Franklin's Riders. Based primarily in Embry Crossroads and New Flagstaff, their mission is the collection and preservation of information from before The Fall. Many types of people are part of the Coalition, including scientists, researchers, historians, junk collectors, hobbyists and other wastelanders interested in knowledge of the past, though they will work with anyone willing to provide the information they need.

For the players, this means that the primary purpose of the Archive Coalition is, of course, to collect the various books they will find in their journeys. These are usually located in scavenging nodes called curious debris, though they can also be found hidden in rare interactive bookshelves in some interiors.

Collecting and turning in these books will provide varying rewards depending on whether the player delivers a 'set', 'collection', or the entire 'omnibus'. For turning in any of the three, the player recieves a small amount of crafting components related to the set they turned in (For example, 2 Raw Honey for turning in a Nature Set). Turning in a collection will also net 1 AP, and the complete omnibus will be rewarded with 5 AP. These bonus AP may only be collected once per Collection and Omnibus, and each part must be turned in separately. This may be done once in each of the three current sectors; meaning that in order to recieve the full 8 AP available for each sector players will need to collect 2 full omnibi worth of books, for a total of 3 omnibi, 9 collections and 24 AP for all three sectors. Keep in mind that once crafted, the omnibi are sector specific - you cannot turn in a Plateau Omnibus in Northfields, for example.

To get started, you will need to speak to the Master Archivist outside each coalition branch. This will be Master Archivist Augusta Brown in Embry Crossroads, Master Archivist Curtis Wooten in New Flagstaff, and Master Archivist Orvall Bush in Trader's Flat. By agreeing to work for the coalition, you will be given the knowledge required to craft the books into sets, collections and omnibi for the relevant sector.


Knowledge Missions

Omnibus Missions

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