Optimal Bastard Pistol Crate
ManualG.O.R.E. Pistols
SkillBallistics 1
Components2x Ballistic Ionizer Cartridge
6x Conductive Accelerator Coil
1x G.O.R.E. Enhancement
2x Little Bastard
1000x Rothium
ToolBallistics Tradeskill Kit
Time30m (20m)

Dusty Lockbox
Optimal Bastard Pistol Crate
May contain dangerous weapons. This crate has a 5% greater successful upgrade chance than the Experimental Crate, and no complete failure chance. WARNING you may still experience lower impact failure, and receive your input G.O.R.E. weapon back.

Item Level:100
Weight:0.001 kg
Effect:Optimal Bastard Case

This item contains:

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