No one ever says, “Hey, you have amnesia”; they just explain things as if you have no memory. That may simply mean they don't expect you to know much. The end result is that you wake up in a strange place with a cloning collar around your neck; how you got to that point is up to you. Later in the game, there are missions in which players can explore the cloning background to learn details about the individual or individuals they were cloned from, but players who don't go that route will have their own series of missions. Like most things in Fallen Earth, if you go along with the clone story you'll see one type of content, and if you don't you'll see different content. We're not forcing a choice. The clone content will be more in-depth, though, since we can't plan for the variety of histories players may bring to the game, whereas we can plan for and control the eventualities of the clone characters.

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