• Quarantine (formerly Monkeytown)
  • Quarantine
  • Cadaver in Quarantine
  • Quarantine

Sector: Kaibab Forest
County: Northern Forest
Waypoint: /waypoint 6011782 6146421
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 5992415 6133645
Garage: /waypoint 6049116 6122458


Event Manager Quarantine Doctor (Around /waypoint 6011782 6146421) holds the main Town Event mission, turn in Quarantine Tokens to claim your reward to Vista Outbound to claim your rewards.







Quarantine Missions


  • Enemy (Master) Changed Alpha can be found in Quarantine.
  • Players will be rewarded with Biohazard Rifle,Biohazard Pistol and Biohazard Machete aftering completing corresponding Town Event missions.
  • When the game was first released in 2009, this area was called Monkeytown, a peaceful town of great apes. From here, players could complete two mission chains allowing completion of the Wastelander achievement "Monkey Business". These two chains were "Endangering the Species" and "Monkey Business". However, in Patch 1.6 which was released on July 28th 2010, the developers replaced this area with the present burning ruin of Quarantine. It appears that the "Monkey Business" achievement was never updated to reflect this change, since the required mission chains can no longer be found. As a result it seems no longer possible to complete the Wastelander achievements "Northern Exposure" and "Forest Ranger", since they both require the "Monkey Business" achievement. Send in a /bug note to the developers!


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