• Raven's Roost View from the North
  • The Camp
  • Staff Commander Archer in the middle of the Camp
  • View from a little Far
  • Front View to the Entrance
  • Raven's Roost Bunker at 6661981 to 5358730
  • View to the internal Camp
  • The "Boss" Place
  • Tourist Telescope

Sector: Kaibab Forest
County: Timberland
Faction: White Crow
Waypoint: /waypoint 6639272 5381192
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 6637581 5375840
Garage: /waypoint 6680382 5430206


White Crow Base is located in the middle of Papermill, Brekshire, Black Hill and Traders Flat. Around the outer defense ring, some Curious Debris can be found there. The enemies around the Base are White Crow Soldiers and Vojaks. At the Defense Ring there are a lot of "Enforcer" Officers. At the Plateau you find 3 Hard Bosses.

At /waypoint 6621515 5338352 you will find a little Merchant Outpost and Lauren Grantham who will provide you with some Missions at Raven's Roost.







Raven's Roost Missions

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