Sawn-Off Skullblaster One Icon.png
Sawn-Off Skullblaster One
Heavy Gauge Sawn-off Zombie-Killing Gun

This item can not be traded
Required Slots:LEGS 2 HANDED
Item Level:16
Weight:2.8 kg
Ammo Type:12 Gauge Shotgun Shell
Min Condition:1
Damage:57 Ballistic
Delay:0.9 seconds
Reload:3.1 seconds
Max Range:20m
Attack Skill:Pistol 45
Defensive Skill:Dodge
Requirement: Player Level 5


The Sawn-Off Skullblaster One shotgun was one of three mission reward weapons that players could choose from upon completing the kill 100 infected mission that was offered in Sector 1 during Fallen Earth's Days of the Dead Halloween event.

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