The Shiva's Favored are a hostile faction of mutants that live in most parts of the game world. They have come to the Province to conquer the land by corrupting it with chemicals to make it more fitting for them to live in.

When players progress to Deadfall they are introduced to the Shiva's Favored NPC faction in Tabara, in which, are split into the Shiva's Favored and Shiva's Blessed. The Shiva's Favored claims the Shiva's Blessed are hostile and are against them, and they provide several missions which ultimately rewards players a Blight Wolf Mount.


These mutants somehow adapted to living in the Great Southwestern Wasteland. Used to a much more hostile environment, they can’t survive long-term in the Province, despite some of their weird powers. They want to introduce enough pathogens, carcinogens, and whatever else they can to the Province to make it tolerable to them without turning it into a complete wasteland like the one in which they now live.[1]

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