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"A White History" to Action: Molotov Cocktail 3
Action: Molotov Cocktail 4 to Advanced Horse Training 3 Manual
Advanced Knives 1 Instructions to Auctioneer: (Clinton FARM)
Auctioneer: (Credit Bend) to Basic Vegetable Seeds
Basic Vehicle Repair Kit to Boneclaw Shoulder Armor
Boneclaw Trainers to Carlotta's Boxcutter
Carnivorous Plant Stalk to Combat: Lance Hall (Spider Hill)
Combat: Lance Hall (St. Sebastian's) to Coyle 2100 Edition Shotgun
Coyle 2100 Modified to Death Toll: (St. Sebastian's) (2)
Death Toll: (Sunshine Corners) to Dome DNA Modifier
Donald Kerny's Papers to Effect: IT: Genetic Potential
Effect: Ignite Fumes to Effect: Wind Knocked Out
Effect: World PvP Disable to Enemy: CHOTA Reinforcements
Enemy: CHOTA Savage to Enemy: Feral Wolf
Enemy: Festering Rotter to Enemy: Kraken Flower
Enemy: Krawler to Enemy: Redstone Mercenary
Enemy: Redstone Mutant to Enemy: Traveler Camp Guard
Enemy: Traveler Cleaner to Event: Cuddles is Loose! (Epsilon Zone)
Event: Cuddles is Loose! (Kaibab Forest) to Food Fight! Meals Fight Back
Food and Drink: (Boneclaw) to GA-8 Mark II EC
GA-8 Mark II RC to Greenish Milk
Gremlin Battle Rifle to Horse
Horse: (Odenville) to Improved Nature 2 Instructions
Improved Nature 3 Instructions to Kaibab Support Collection
Kaibab Vines to Knowledge: Dangerous Mutations 3
Knowledge: Deadfall Armor to Knowledge: Mastercrafted Shotguns
Knowledge: Medical Gear 1 to Lena's Letter to Sheffield
Lethal Lessons of Our Ancestors to Mark's Improvised Explosives
Mark Mill's Rations to Merchant: Traveler Merchant (The Dump)
Merchant: Traveler Merchant (Tinkersdam) to Mission: A New Range of Rifles
Mission: A Note of Thanks to Mission: Back to Sally
Mission: Back to School to Mission: Bred to Kill (3)
Mission: Brekshire Story to Mission: Contained Contamination
Mission: Contained Contamination (2) to Mission: Distracting Blow
Mission: Disturbing Information to Mission: Fell the Angels (7)
Mission: Fell the Angels (8) to Mission: Great Waste Hunter (2)
Mission: Green Death to Mission: Imminent Domain (6)
Mission: Impediment to Business to Mission: Leftovers
Mission: Legally Dead to Mission: Method's Madness (8)
Mission: Method's Madness (9) to Mission: Objective: Recon Sector 17
Mission: Obligatory Disobedience Returns to Mission: Plateau Cooking Set
Mission: Plateau Cooking Set (2) to Mission: Remains of the Dead
Mission: Remember Those Lost to Mission: Shoot 'Em Up (4)
Mission: Shoot on Sight to Mission: Sump Chumps
Mission: Sunburns and Bullet Wounds to Mission: The More Things Change... (Tell)
Mission: The Muster to Mission: To the Garage (North Burb)
Mission: To the Garage (South Burb) to Mission: Wasteful Power
Mission: Wasteful Probability to Mowbray Missions
Mowbray NPCs to NPC: Adrian Lazar
NPC: Aemelia Tsu to NPC: Brother Brandon
NPC: Brother Dole to NPC: Dr. Hadron Toru
NPC: Dr. Hugh Clinton to NPC: Helen Peters
NPC: Helen Pollack to NPC: Kyle Tripper
NPC: Kyle Vespa to NPC: Neil Kwal
NPC: Neil McIntyre to NPC: Rudy Strumm
NPC: Rufus Tyrone to NPC: Terence Bonaventure
NPC: Teri Bumpas to Nature: Zora Pidro
Nature 1 Instructions to Object: Enforcer Tent
Object: Enforcer Utility Box to Payroll Records
Peace Baton to Progress Bunker Bundle
Progress Crafting Bundle to Reinforced ATV
Reinforced ATV Frame to Scavenger's Dune Buggy Key
Scavenger's Shirt to Simple Bread
Simple Paint And Dye Kit to Steak Fajita
Steam Cleaner to Tattered Blue Top Hat
Tattered Coyote Hide to Toxic Soil Sample
Toxic Waste Camp to Vista Citizen's Axe
Vista Citizen's Boots to Willoughby's Garage Merchants
Willoughby's Garage Missions to Zombie Flesh Graft
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